Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Linked Bracelet

I created this linked bracelet as part of the Three Ring Circus Show that i shared with Christy and Ellen a couple months ago. It is steel, sterling ans 14k gold. the links are crafted from 1/2" steel flat bar stock, with silver and 14k overlays. About 7 1/2" long $275.00

Peace, Love, and Jewelry

People have been asking me for awile now if I ever make peace signs. Now I can say "of course!"
The above pieces are crafted out of flat steel bar stock, with a sterling silver peace sign overlaid, then hammered flat(ish). They are 1 1/4' square, and hang on a 3mm rubber cord with a sterling clasp. I cut the cor to length, so any size is available, but 16" and 18" are the most popular. $45.00 with or without the glass crow beads.
I like to leave the inside of the heart oxidized from soldering. It really makes the heart POP! This heart is bronze overlaid on the steel. Same thing as above with the cord, the hearts are $42.00.

Also available is a REVERSIBLE necklace, with the peace sign on one side, and the heart on the other. How cool is that???? :-) $60.00

Forging Feathers

Forging feathers is fun! I usually start my day out forging spirals or hearts because they are so popular, but I needed to switch it up a bit yesterday. The above necklace has a piece of granite(?) a friend sent me from Lake Superior. The picture is a little dark so the color is a bit more subtle in real life. The whole necklace is about 18" long, with the stone close to 2" across. The whole piece has been coated with wax to preserve the finish. $275.00

This is a detail shot of the back of the necklace. I used silver tubing to make rivets connecting the links. They allow a clean look and nice fluid movement of the links.
I found this rock in Jerome while hiking with my son. The necklace hangs on steel cable with a sterling clasp. This necklace has also been coated with wax. The stone is a bit smaller than the other one, about 1 1/4" long. $150.00
You did want earrings to match, right? LOL $35.00 1 1/2" - 2" long.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Power

Spring is in the air, on the sides of roads, and in my studio!!! The focal points of these necklaces are the stainless steel and sterling pendants with floral motifs. Bead accents in various color combinations really make them springy, but will look fabulous all year 'round. As shown above, on a 16" or 18" sterling chain: $55.00. On a leather cord(below photos): $38.00

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Steel and Sterling Pendants

I was inspired to make these pendants after seeing a blacksmithing demo that included forge welded overlays. I soldered some square silver wire onto some steel bar stock, then hammered the silver to flatten it out a bit. I love the graphic, yet earthy look of these pieces!!! Rectangles are 3/4" wide x 1" long, and the squares are 3/4". All the bar stock is 1/8" thick, so these have some good weight to them. These pieces are hung on steel ball chains and rubber cords. $32.00

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Linked Bracelets

These steel and sterling linked bracelets are so comfy to wear! They have a nice weight and great movement. The look is classic in a contemporary way, and perfect for every day wear. Could be used as a charm bracelet..... Bracelets usually have five or six links, and vary in length from 7 1/4"-7 3/4", with the standard bracelet size being 7 1/2". Custom sizes available. $42.00
Bracelets have been coated with wax to protect them from oxidation(tarnish and rust), so should not be worn in water.

Friday, October 9, 2009


Perfect pins for the cool weather seasons! They look great worn jacket lapels, and also work on heavier fabric tops and sweaters. These pins are forged steel with rocks bezel set in sterling. They are about 3" long(they look about actual size here on the blog!), a perfect size for every day wear. Stones are one of a kind, so the colors will vary from the ones shown here. Grays, blacks, and Sedona Red Rocks are generally what I'm working with. $65.00